How much does a new build cost? How much does a house addition cost? Here in Austin, TX there are many factors that can potentially affect the ending cost. Below we give estimated cost based of square footage and mid-range materials. Being transparent as possible with cost on our jobs, is our priority, but there is without a doubt the unforeseen, which we call “Discovery” on our estimates. Our goal is to give clients realistic cost with realistic expectations to allow projects to run as efficient as possible.

New Builds and Home Additions

“How much does a new build cost? How much does a house addition cost?” Whether we are building a small addition or a large custom home, we use leading building practices that are supported by building science and incorporate proven materials and technologies that will lead to a high-performing home—from framing techniques and insulation to siding materials and other aspects of the building envelope that provide you with long-lasting efficient, building. What we build on the outside is as important as the inside!

Not including the land, the cost for new builds and home additions here in Austin, TX can range anywhere from $140 per square foot to $200 per square foot.

  • For example, a very basic build that is 1,500 sq. ft might cost $225,000-$250,000
  • For a custom build, with a more complex design and higher end finishes, that is 2,500 sq. ft might cost $500,000-$600,000 to build
  • There are a multitude of factors that will affect the final price of your home or addition, including:
    • Land accessibility and obstacles, grading and soil conditions
    • Access to utilities including water, natural gas, electricity and public sewer
    • Number of stories and architectural complexity of design
    • Size, number, and performance of windows and door package  
    • Size of kitchen and total number of baths
    • Finish selections (flooring, trim, interior doors, cabinetry, counters, etc.)
    • Other