Friedman General Contracting – Cost of new construction, remodeling and renovation

When it comes to new home builds, home remodeling and renovations, one of the first questions we get asked is “How much will it cost?” The cost of a new home build, home remodel or home renovating will vary in many ways, but below we’ve outlined some ranges and factors to help you become more educated and prepared before you start your next project.

Whether you use Friedman General Contracting or another contractor, you should expect transparency and honesty when it comes to the cost of your project. We take pride in being up front and direct regarding the costs of any project we take on. Our goal is to give our clients realistic cost expectations to allow projects to run as efficiently as possible. Friedman General Contracting uses a thorough discovery phase that helps us identify many of the unexpected costs on a project. Despite careful planning there may still be some unforeseen costs, but a good contractor will be transparent and help clients understand those expenses from the beginning.

Cost of Home Renovating vs. Home Remodeling

Something to keep in mind when planning your next home project is the difference between a home renovation project and a home remodeling project. Construction involving renovation often refers to “restoring” or “repairing” an existing structure, or replacing the old with the new. Remodel means “to change the structure or form of something,” which is often a more complex project and can incur more costs. Changing the structure of your home may require different permitting from your local city or town government. Keep this in mind when you’re budgeting for your next home project.